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Coldstream Solar offers affordable financing options from a trusted partner to help you achieve energy independence with solar power.


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How Do I Pay For My System?

Coldstream offers several methods for clients to pay for their new solar system. One of our solar experts will go over all of our payment options to develop a catered payment plan to best fit your needs.


Solar lenders offer lots of flexibility with their financing options, making solar systems affordable for a majority of our clients. We offer a wide range of packages starting at 0% interest. Additionally, all of our lending options enable clients to pre-apply their 30% tax credit to their solar loan as long as they apply it to the loan balance within 18 months. This enables clients to lower their monthly payment right out of the gate and increase the cost-effectiveness of their solar system.


Clients who don’t wish to utilize our financing options can pay for their system via check or cash.

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Make the switch to solar energy today to start saving on your monthly utility bills.