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Check out the Coldstream Solar FAQs and learn more about the benefits of solar power and solar panel installation from a team of experts.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re here to help. If you have any additional questions or if you need more information, contact us today!

How Much Can I Save by Switching to Solar?

Savings will vary depending on location and local utility costs. That’s why Coldstream Solar offers a savings estimator to help you understand your potential savings.

How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take?

On average, solar panel installation can take 1-2 days depending on the size of the system. Coldstream Solar handles the entire process from consultation to installation and everything in between.

Can I Store Excess Energy With My Solar Panel System?

Yes! Batteries give solar clients the ability to store energy produced by their system. If you don’t want a battery, when your solar panels produce excess energy, this energy is sent back to the utility grid for redistribution, causing your electric meter to run backwards. Later, when your panels stop receiving sunlight, the energy comes back through the grid to power your home.

Can I Add New Panels to an Existing System?

Provided your space has room for additional panels, Coldstream Solar can easily add new panels into an existing system. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about the process.

Can Weather Impact My Solar Energy Production?

In short, the more sunlight there is the more solar energy production one can expect. Cloudy weather will not prevent energy production from your solar panels but it will reduce the energy production of your system as will snow. rain, etc…

Does Switching to Solar Take Me Off the Grid?

You will still be connected to the utility grid with solar panels. Your panels will send all excess energy back to the grid for later use (unless you have a battery), reducing your overall consumption from the grid. To monitor this we install a bidirectional meter to track the flow of electricity to/from you/Duke

Do Solar Panels Work When the Power Goes Out?

When the power goes out, the grid, and all connected systems, are shut down. Sending excess power out to the grid could cause safety issues for those workers attempting to fix any outages.

Can I Move with Solar Panels?

Yes. Any current loan on a solar panel installation can be transferred to the new homeowner or paid off before selling. Solar panels have even been shown to increase the value of a home considerably.

How Do I Know if Solar is Right for Me?

For any homeowner or business owner looking to reduce utility spend, decrease energy consumption, and increase sustainability for the environment, solar panels are the perfect choice.

How Do I Start the Switch to Solar?

You can start by contacting a Coldstream Solar representative to get a consultation set up. From there, one of our experts will come right to your door to inspect the property and provide recommendations and information on your potential savings.

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